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  • Feature 1

    Database Engine

    The Phenix software uses MySQL databases that are small in size, fast performance, and ability to handle huge data volumes and hundreds of thousands of operations at high speed and accuracy.

    Therefore, many international companies use MySQL databases in their business as Google, Yahoo, CISCO, HP, YouTube.

    Oracle has recently acquired the rights to develop the MySQL databases by purchasing the software giant Sun Microsystems.

  • Feature 2

    Users Management

    To enable companies to control their privacy and to minimize the roles of employees in proportion to their job, the program has provided several systems to control access and work for each user of the system within the company.

    The system administrator can use any of the desired powers or all the mechanisms together according to the requirements of the work and easily without affecting the user functions required of it.

    Authorities System: Define an unlimited number of templates and join employees to those templates and give validity to each window of the program within the template, including (open - add - edit - delete) in addition to special powers such as viewing prices and printing.

    System degree of confidentiality: The program has four levels of confidentiality that help hide any item (Account - Client - Material - Bill - Bond - Warehouse - Cost Center - ...) for any user who does not follow a secret degree higher than the item grade.

    Private Screen: A special screen can be built for each user and only the screens and processes that belong to him are set up.

  • Feature 3


    The program has been provided with several backup methods, the most important of which is the scheduled backups automatically without user intervention. The program takes a backup copy according to the predetermined time schedule and the selected paths, which is a local path on the device and a path on an external storage medium and a path on an Internet sharing area.

  • Feature 4

    Online Support

    Phenix offers its customers direct technical support through the program. This service is provided free of charge to any customer who has a license for the program. The company has assigned a team of specialists capable of assisting customers, answering their queries and providing the necessary advice to develop the customer's investment for the program..

  • Feature 5


    Phenix keeps all deleted items (cards, invoices, bonds, ...) by all users for a long period of time, allowing only the system administrator to view the deleted files and to identify the deleted user with the possibility of retrieving the files.

  • Feature 6

    Info Window

    Help screen When opened, the program shows all the data of any item as soon as it is pressed. This screen is very effective when you create any invoice where the important data for the material appears once it is added to the invoice.

  • Feature 7


    The user's calendar shows the dates of payments or receivable due on this day with the possibility of moving within them to see the benefits on all dates.

    The user can also use Notepad to set appointments and tasks.

  • Feature 8

    Archive Documents

    Some works need to archive external documents within the program. Phoenix offers the ability to save an unlimited number of documents of different types within the origin, material, customer, invoice or bond screens.

  • Feature 9

    Internal Messaging

    The Phenix program is designed to serve large companies with a large number of employees. The program was provided with an internal email system that enables users to communicate via a user-specific email that automatically creates a reliable and effective.

  • Feature 10

    Automatic Reporting

    The program can be calibrated to send a set of reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to a specific email or group of e-mails.

    The benefit of this feature managers who want to continue the activity of their company to see the reports of financial and warehouse generated by the program automatically and without any interference from the user.

  • Feature 11

    SMS System

    The program supports the mechanism of sending text messages directly or through telecommunications companies or through the web. This feature is helpful in communicating with customers for specific marketing reasons, claims or alerts.

  • Feature 12

    Protection Tool

    Phenix is used to prove the customer's ownership of the program protection circuit and not activation code where Phoenix is the ownership of the customer to the Department is a guarantee of rights to life and can be used in any business and whenever he wishes.

    The customer can consider the circuit as an asset of his company, unlike the security code used in some programs, which only works for a company and a computer set in advance.

  • Feature 13

    Excel add-on


  • Feature 14

    Tasks scheduling


  • Feature 15

    Multi companies.


  • Feature 16

    Multi Branches.


  • Feature 17

    Report Designer

    to match the company style.

  • Feature 18

    Dash board

    Showed most of the transactions 

  • Feature 19

    Pivot table, pivot chart and Cross-Tab reporting


  • Feature 20

    Customize fields

    added to the main business objects

  • Feature 21

    Support multiple-language in interface and input